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Greetings, modern disciples "on the go."
Welcome to the newly-rejuvenated
ACMG Alumni Webpage

Much like the website's first incarnation, BINTANA is a means by which the merry men and women of the 

Ateneo College Ministry Group 
can keep in touch in this modern day of HTML, email, zipdrives, spam, mailing lists, applets, and Cascading Style Sheets. BINTANA is also a window into our shared past...hopefully the memories of our college years give us strength to face our tomorrows. But more importantly, BINTANA is a way to continue supporting one another in this faith life which may have started in our ACMG years, but which we must nurture till the end of our days.Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam!
[Resurrected: November 23, 1999.]
--Ad Hoc Webmaster Lionel--

Last Updated:
January 17, 2000: 12:50 AM

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Alright. We are collecting info for our Alumni Directory... and we're not just talking email addresses, we want snail mail addies, cellphone numbers, residence numbers, the whole shebang. But don't worry, we won't post it for the whole world to see. Anne is making a password-protected page, para safe na... masaya pa. 

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