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_____January 17, 2000_____
2. Are You On The (Message) Board?
3. Needed: Info for Alumni Directory
4. All-New Photo Galleries
5. Tidbits & Sightings
Past NEWS updates:

Well, it is now official news, my friends. For all those ACMG alumni in
Manila (or in the Philippines, at least), the current crop of ACMGers
have scheduled a grand alumni homecoming on:

      February 6, 2000, Sunday 2:30pm: ACMG Alumni Homecoming. 
      Other details TBA. 

Naku, kung mey pilosopo diyan na mage-email sa akin kung saan daw ang
TBA, di ko alam kung ano gagawin ko! Hehehe. So, as this new series of
local TV advertisements go, kita-kits tayo sa.... Feb 6!

Are You On The (Message) Board?

Just so you know, our website now has a bulletin/discussion board na
parang funbook natin dati. It's a place where you can post all your
little confessions of undying love and announcements of premeditated
adultery. Also, a place to exchange views and comments on everything
from life to afterlife. Feel free to visit and reply to all the other
insipid remarks we make on the board daily. hehehehe. (Remember, use the
guestbook to leave your autograph on the site, use the discussion board
for all other topics...)

You can check out our crazy bullettin board from the main page of our
wonderful little website ( or thru this link:



Collecting Snail Mail Addresses For Alumni Directory

Alright. Anne Fiona Mendoza, my web editor & deputy is in the process of
collecting all our snail mail addies so that just in case you want to
send a Bday gift to me on February 26, you know where in the world to
send it. 

As an extra precaution, we're not going to post the snail mail addies on
our website. Kasi naman baka ma-stalk si Ate Maits ni Brad Pitt. Kawawa
naman siya kung gano'n. Instead, Anne will set up a password protected
page where you can view all our alumni snail mail addresses. Hi tech
ano? O, ayan, click mo na ito to submit your info: 


All information that is fed on that form will go to ANNE'S email box
then she will gather the info to create the password protected page.
Click niyo na, okay? Promise... we will not send your addresses to any
websites that'll stuff your emailboxes with daily pictures of nude dogs
and horses.

Four All-New PhotoGalleries!

Announcing!!!!  Four all-new galleries of pictures on our Bintana
website. Reminisce! Get senti! Recall your younger, thinner days. Click
on this link to see the new photo galleries. And best of all, it's
non-fattening and it's free!!!! What more can you ask for? 




Last newsletter, I asked "Anyone else out there with news to announce?
Wedding, baptism, debut? Tell me." And hetong si Anne Fiona Mendoza,
sumagot na kinasal na raw siya? With Jet Li. Matagal na raw sila....Yikes. Uhhhhrmmm.... Medyo mukhang homesick na ata ang dalagang ito. Either that or kulang siya sa medication. Anne! Uwi ka na para sa reunion!

Well, it looks like there are already two June 2000 Weddings in store
for ACMG alumni. 

On June 17, Anj Sales ('93) will marry her longtime beau Lit Onrubia. For those of you who watched the last Julia Fordham concert at the Folk Arts Theater sometime in 1999, you'd have recognized these two amidst the screaming fans. Bakit? 

Aba. Lit proposed to Anj in the middle of the concert, just before their
favorite Julia Fordham song... Siyempre, alam ni Julia ang plano ni Lit
kasi kinulit ni Lit ang manager ni Julia para magpaalam at kung pwede
magrequest ng fave song nila. Pumayag naman. So they made romantic
history. (if you want the full kwento by email, send me a message at And on June 17 they will do so again. 

The other wedding will be a week earlier. Si Lionel Valdellon lang naman
at ang girlfriend of 6-years na ngayon ay fiancee na. Her name's Agnes Iringan. Ateneo De Zamboanga batch '92.

Pia Nazareno (batch '95) who was an ACMGer for her senior year, pero
naki-kanta parati sa choir for a year before that, just got married on
December 1 to Jim Acevedo. She just sent word that she's 2 weeks
pregnant, and  happily expecting a bright bouncing child sometime in
September 2000. Whoa! Quick workers, these two! Pia and Jim are both
theology teachers at the Ateneo de Manila University. 

Randy Bustamante ('91) is currently studying for his M.A. comprehensives
in Pastoral Ministry at LST. The compre will be in February. He's asking
for prayers. 

Meanwhile, he will also be teaching a creativity class at the Filipinas
Heritage Library late February. Busy guy! Here's the course
"Abraq ad abra: Conjuring a Path to Creativity" 
Blocked? Here's a course that will teach you effective exercise and
techniques to nurture your creative spirit.
by Randolf M. Bustamante 
Feb 19 and 26 (Sats)
1pm - 4:30pm, Reading Rm.
P350. Limited slots. For inquires send email to Mabi David


Ano? wala na bang ibang balita diyan??? kwentuhan mo ako! 

Keep on dreaming. Keep on hoping.
your sporadic webmaster and gossip columnist,

Without whom this website would be an impossibility:
Anne Mendoza for her editorial advice and her many pics
and my sister Yavanna Valdellon for her invaluable encoding skills

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