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_____December 12, 1999_____
1. ACMG Alumni website off to a slow start
2. Recent ACMG Concert
3. Final Notes
Past NEWS updates:
ACMG Alumni website off to a slow start
After two weeks of online life, BINTANA has seen a slow start in support from ACMG alumni.The mailing list has less than 10 subscribers, the guestbook has all of one signee...

Is it because less alumni are "wired" compared to last year? Doubt it. Is it because there is a prevailing feeling that the site can do little for my life right now? I really don't know. Maybe it's just katamaran to email other alumni and tell them that the site is alive... which i shall soon remedy once my office gets an unlimited web account. Watch out for forthcoming pangungulit from me.

Recent ACMG Concert
According to Maita Salvador, staunch supporter of BINTANA (and who has already contributed a wonderful reflection to the site), there was a recent ACMG concert at the College Chapel, Friday December 10, 1999 at 4:30-6 PM. Whoa!!!! Coolness. Hopefully in the future we can get the news up in time for everyone to respond or at least find out about it before it happens.
Final Notes
Two things, actually: 
  1.  Subscribe to the emailing list. Now. 
  2.  Sign the ACMG Guestbook on the main page.
Without whom this website would be an impossibility:
1) Anne Mendoza for her web advice and her many pics
2) Maita Salvador for her reflection piece, 

and most importantly: 
3) my sister Yavanna Valdellon for her invaluable encoding skills

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