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_____January 1, 2000_____
1. Happy New Year!
2. How Have You Coped?
3. Tidbits & Sightings
4. A Call to Action
Past NEWS updates:

May you all continue to shower the people you love with love. A little
poem I made to ease your gas pain:

I'm sure Christmas was merry,
and your stomach's like jelly,
and the pounds that you lost are back in
But don't you forget
when you weigh yourself next
That you're loved despite all of your chins!

How Have You Coped?

As we make way for the New Millennium which technically begins next
year, but feels better to celebrate with the new digits "00" than "01",
and which is around five years off the mark from when Jesus was really
born... lemme announce that there is no time like the present to
reconsider where each of us is at, spiritually. In an alumni newsletter
i sent last year I once asked how your faith lives have been. A
surprising number actually took the time to respond. I thought maybe I'd
ask you all out there something close to that, and post the best, most
helpful responses on our website. The question being:

How have you kept the old ACMG spirituality going despite___ (fill in
the blank)?

If my assumption is correct in that we are all still struggling to be
disciples caught up in the modern world, I'm sure there are a whole lot
of people who would love to hear advice from those of us who've managed
somehow to keep a regular prayer life. How do you do it, guys? I'm dying
to know.

Tidbits & Sightings

In the guestbook of the ACMG Alumni webpage (
current ACMG choir head Roy Tolentino wrote in:

Hello! I'm not an ACMG alumnus yet, but I am the current choir head. Dedette told me about this site, so I tried it  out. Ang galing! This works out great because the current core group has plans of holding a GRAND ACMG HOMECOMING. When are most of you guys free? Anyway, I will update Lionel regularly about ACMG events, gossip and whatnot. Merry Christmas! Roy
So there you have it folks, hindi ko gawa-gawa iyan. Write in if you
have a preference for the homecoming... Or would it be safe to tell the
core group right now: "How about a Sunday brunch, anytime February?"
Tell me ASAP!

Pam Dosdos ('93) was recently married to Danny Iskandar (from Indonesia)
on December 27 at Malate Church with an romantic, intimate (80 guests)
and wonderful (yummy) reception at the fountain area of Casa Manila. In
attendance were only 2 guests from Ateneo, Dedette Alcantara ('90) and
myself-- kami na rin ang two-person choir by the way.

Pam was a lovely, blushing bride, and Danny was soooper guwapo. The type
of guwapo that I recall Mishy Gozum (92), Che Siana (95?) and Badette
Camus (92) regularly screaming over. Danny and Pam met at A.I.M. where
they probably learned about management and romance. Hmmm... maka-enroll nga. Pam will be living in Singapore after the wedding, transferring to the S'pore branch of her present company, Eli Lilly. Wish her luck at

(Pics from the wedding will be posted once I have the film developed.)

A Call To Action

Anyone else out there with news to announce? Wedding, baptism, debut?
Tell me.

Have a reflection or a prayer that you're dying to share with other ACMG
alumni? Email me.

Just wish to update the alumni, that yes, you're still single and
available and your job is now____ and you are still looking for romance,
just please, not with your boss again? Tell me, please. ;-P

Keep the Paschal candles burning, people.
God bless us all as we continue trying to make a return for all the
graces we've received.

your sporadic webmaster and gossip columnist,

Without whom this website would be an impossibility:
Anne Mendoza for her editorial advice and her many pics
my sister Yavanna Valdellon for her invaluable encoding skills

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