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_____November 23, 1999_____
1. Welcome address
2. Kung Paano Nabuhay ang Bangkay
3. News Tidbits, actually, more like Sightings?
Welcome to the new ACMG Alumni home on the WEB!
It's a little less high-tech than the original one put up by webmistress extraordinaire Anne Mendoza, but then high tech does ACMG need to be to enjoy itself? Let's's been something like a year since the original website fell into disrepair and because of the urging of a few crazy people, the site is back online--at a different URL maybe, but hopefully continuing where we left off.Anyway, welcome. And join me in collaborating on this site. After all it's as much yours as it is mine to construct.

At bakit naman na-resurrect uli ito? Well...kasi, last Saturday, Nov. 19, 1999, nag-launch ang Bukas Palad ng bagong Pasko Na! album sa newly-renovated LHS chapel (now called the Oratorio of St. Ignatius of Loyola)... at nagka-impromptu ACMG reunion sa PILO on Katipunan. 
Mga naka-attend: Edwin Bernardo, Pam Dosdos, Maita Salvador, Sheerin Castillo, Chris Fernandez and his wife Mai, and yours truly.
Napag-usapan yung demise ng original website at napunta po sa akin na isabuhay muli ang diwa ng ACMG sa pamamagitan ng HTML.Yehey! Ito na po iyon. Ngayon...pakiusap lang, wag naman kayong humingi ng Flash games o kaya Java applets dito, dahil ako po'y hindi PA nakakagwa nu'n. Olrayt!

Well.This is where all the news SHOULD be, but seeing as I'm usually the last to know anything, I have nothing to put here, except maybe ACMGers we saw at the Bukas Palad concert last Saturday:
  • Marco Changho (92 & 93) is back from spending around 4 years in the USA, studying then working, using his Physics/CE to full advantage, not to mention his hippy hairdo. Yeah, baby!
  • Anj Sales (93)was there with fiance Lit, looking cherubic as ever.For those who don't know, si Lit yung guy na nag-propose kay Anj during the last Julia Fordham concert at the Folk Arts Theater. Rah! 
  • Edna Gapuz (92) was spotted swaying her head to the beat. Pero di naman nagpakita after. Awwww...
  • Edward Opinaldo (93) and Dedette Alcantara (90) were both performing with Bukas Palad. Pero di nakasama sa "reunion" dahil yung isa may errand sa Greenhills, yung isa pinalibutan ng isang grupo ng officemates na Assumption grads. Guess who was who?
  • Nikki Carrascoso (94) was there with his girlfriend, (na hindi man pinakilala sa akin) and looking mighty...healthy. Uh, Nikki, diet nga tayo. Kailangan ko na rin.
  • Iyette Tantiongco (93) was there for an hour. Umuwi kaagad. Ngwek, ngwek, ngwek...

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