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December 91: Buking si Valdellon (page2)

Exhibit A: Lionel snuggles up to Bong Oris while My-My Ayco looks away from her slowly melting vanilla ice cream cone.
Maita: "Ngeh, Malaking Hadlang pala ako dito!"
Exhibit B: Lionel is caught by the camera pretending to get a glass of juice when he's actually stalking the unaware My-My.
Exhibit C: My-My is about to leave the party...
Exhibit D: But the smooth talking Lionel is able to get BOTH girls to join him in a picture!
Bro. Peter: "You see Lionel, if you wanna win a girl's heart you have to be cool like me."
Lionel: "A-he-he, not with lavender socks you don't."
My-My: "MEN are hopeless!!!!"
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