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January 92: Life after carolling

Che Siana, Eden Bangaoil and Susay Valdez sharing a Carefree moment. 
Eden: "With Carefree, I can be me!"
Susay: "Now I can be a worry-less nun !"
Che: "Nutcases!"
You can't leave a single bench out in the ACMG "garden" without attracting all sorts of strange, unconvincing creatures: 
1) Anne Mendoza and Gotto Go convincing us they're beatnik poets in all-black.
2) Lionel convincing himself he's a farmer with his tubao.
3) Chris Fernandez convincing us he's ACMG when he's really RegCom.
4) Edna convincing herself she's cute.
5) JV convincing us he's not going to be a yuppie after college.
Oh! and (6) Maita convincing us she's (ahem) demure. 
Beam me up Scotty...nothing convincing here.


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