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Lord, help me to give myself spontaneously to others. 
Help me to accompany them two miles far when their need compels me to travel one mile with them. 
Let me never be homesick for my own little peace when I work for others or when I am responsible for them.

Give me patience and respect for all men. Let me see every man as he is, someone whom You died and to whom You keep committing Yourself totally.
Let me risk everything but with great patience. Let me stand up and speak out for all good things, but also with tender respect.

Give me deep gratitude and admiration for my fellowmen. Let me be passionately happy for all the good which I experience continuously on the part of my fellowmen.
Make me aware that You are present in people and that You want to make me better through the people You let me encounter.

Make me gentle, trusting, serene, thanking, encouraging, admiring. Do not allow me to keep staring at what is less good, but let all the good in which I share be the lasting joy of my heart.

Give to all of us in the Church this love-- Your love.


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