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Daily Pattern of Prayer

The reflection at the end of your prayer period.

  The review of prayer is a reflection at the conclusion of the prayer period.  The purpose of the review is to heighten our awareness of how God has been present to us during the prayer period.

The review focuses primarily on the interior movements of consolation and desolation as they are revealed in our feelings of joy, peace, sadness, fear, ambivalence, anger, etc.

Often it is in the review that we become aware of how God has responded to our request for a particular grace.

Writing the review provides for personal accountability, and it is a precious record of our spiritual journey.  To write the review is a step toward self integration.

In the absence of a spiritual director or spiritual companion, the writing helps fill the need for evaluation and clarification.  If one has a spiritual director, the written review offers an excellent means of preparing to share one’s prayer experience.

Method:  In a notebook or journal, after each prayer period, indicate the date and the passage.  Answer each of the following questions:
+ Was there any word or phrase that particularly struck you?

What were your feelings?  Were you peaceful?…trusting?…
sad?…discouraged?…What do these feelings say to you?

How are you more aware of God’s presence?

Is there some point to which it would be helpful to return in your next prayer?



Have a favorite reflection that you want to share? Email it to me.