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Forms of Solitary Prayer

We enter into the passage by way of imagination, making use of all our senses. Theologians tells us that through contemplation we are able to “recall and be present at the mysteries of Christ.”

The spirit of Jesus, present within us through Baptism, teaches us, just as Jesus taught the apostles.  The spirit recalls and enlivens the particular mystery into which we enter through prayer.  Just as in the Eucharist the Risen Jesus makes present the paschal mystery, in contemplation He brings forward the particular event we are contemplating and presents Himself within that mystery.
METHOD:  In contemplation, one enters the story as if one were there.
+  Watch what happens; listen to what is being said.

+  Become part of the mystery; assume the role of one of the persons.

+  Look at each of the individuals; what does he/she experience?  To whom does each one speak?

+  What difference does it make in my life, my family, my society, if I hear the message?

In the Gospel stories, enter into dialogue with Jesus:
+ Be there with Him and for Him.

+ Want Him, hunger for Him.

+ Listen to Him.

+ Let Him be for you what He wants to be.

+ Respond to Him.



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